Random Sequence Generator Tool



Select the method and parameters of choice to generate a random sequence.

Method Parameters
Row sequence to be randomized :
DNA or protein nature of the sequence will be automatically detected. Non coding characters are removed by default.

Generate a random sequence of length with composition above
If length is blank, the characters above will be shuffled.
Generate random DNA sequence of length and composition bellow:

A:   C:    G:    T:
Generate random protein sequence of length and composition below:

A: ‰    C: ‰    D: ‰    E: ‰    F:

G: ‰    H: ‰    I: ‰    K: ‰    L:

M: ‰    N: ‰    P: ‰    Q: ‰    R:

S: ‰    T: ‰    V: ‰    W: ‰    Y:

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NC-UIBMB codes are used as a reference.
Default values are based on the human genome.